The Watch Tower Group is a company with an unparalleled reputation for delivering professional advanced technological remote close circuit television monitoring under the most demanding conditions to both residential and commercial clients.

The WTG group management team have a total over approximately 35 years of combined security, CCTV technology and law enforcement experience.  WTG group prides itself as an executive management run operation that ensures that your assets are protected to the highest level.

With global trends moving towards technological security based protection WTG group understands this and used the most current and latest technology products available to ensure the highest level of security related protection services.


Robert Gottlieb

Robert has always had a passion for security & technology. After completing his advanced sound engineering diploma he moved to Cape Town where his entrepreneurial passion was found and he started a successful I.T company from the ground up.
In 2006 he launched a new company which specialized in security solutions from a technology perspective.
His experience within the industry includes: CCTV, Access Control, LPR (license plate recognition) Systems & Control Room Solutions.


Jacques Weber

Jacques has been involved in both the private and public security sector within South Africa. He has served as an active South African Police reservist for over 12 years and during this time was responsible various police sector crime initiatives.
His experience within this sector also extends; founder member of the Atlantic Seaboard Community Sector Crime Forum; member of the Green Point Ratepayers’ & Residents’ Association; Executive member of the Sea Point Community Police Forum; and has also served as a City Councillor for the City of Cape Town with key focus on various Law Enforcement Agencies within the City.
Most recently he has been the project manager for the Licence Plate Recognition Camera system within the Atlantic Seaboard that’s has been tipped as one of the largest camera networks in the City of Cape Town.


Daniel Morris

Daniel has always had a passion for Safety & Security. Daniel started volunteering in various neighbour watch organizations in 2011.
In 2013 he then went on to join the Emergency Medical Services in a full time role and still continues to volunteer in the EMS field.
In 2016, Daniel became a Law Enforcement Auxiliary Officer for the City of Cape Town. Daniel currently uses his knowledge and experience from the Safety & Security industry to protect our clients.